A Limousine Trip To Plymouth Massachusetts

One is never restricted as to how a limousine can be chartered – whether it is for your business or pleasure use. Whether it is going to a long journey or a short trip, hiring a limousine for your travel needs in Plymouth, Massachusetts is never a bad idea.

When you book a limousine for your trip to Plymouth, you can be rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your holiday with your friends and loved ones without having to stress yourself out driving and asking for directions to the places that you want to go , looking for a parking space, or having to get done in a bad traffic, as these are all taken care of by your limousine driver.

Once you have gathered all your friends for that special trip to Plymouth, your limousine driver is more than ready to pick all of you up and start your journey. Perhaps if you and your friends are into some sight seeing on the waters, you may want to tell your limousine driver to take you to Mayflower II State Pier, for you to cruise Plymouth Harbor in comfort on the Pilgrim Belle, which is a Mississippi- style paddlewheeler. Due to the protected nature of Plymouth Harbor, you and your limousine friends will have a smooth ride on Pilgrim Belle.

On the Pilgrim Belle, you and your limousine friends may choose to sit outside on the spacious sundeck while sipping your favorite drinks, or enjoy some food and cocktails (for those 21 years and older only) at their galley. Do not forget to ask the bartender about the Paddlewheel Punch! Taking a cruise aboard the Pilgrim Belle is definitely a perfect way to get acquainted with Plymouth and the cruise takes just over an hour.

Next, you and your limousine friends may want to experience some whale watching and you will find that at Captain John Boats and they have now expanded its education program for both public and charter whale watches. You will also get to listen to your naturalist who will describe historic points to you and your limousine friends. When you pass Gurnet Light and leave Plymouth Harbor, take a walk down below inside the main cabin and join the naturalists for a short introductory video – that features sequences of the most common whales, dolphins and porpoises that migrate to New England waters to feed through the season. This is not just a whale watch experience, but a marine wildlife cruise that you will remember for a long time to come!

After that, you can ask your limousine driver to take you to Hearth 'n' Kettle at the John Carver Inn for some unique dining experience in an attractive Colonial setting. When you and your limousine friends finally climb back into the limousine to head home after dinner, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your limousine driver will send you home safely.

Source by Marsha Maung