Rebate Programs With Solar Energy

Latest Rebate Programs for Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most important and most abundant of the resources in the universe. This is one renewable energy resource that will not be depleted even if we, and future generations use it to the full. The following are some of the rebate programs for the rebate on green energy.

The first and the foremost is the new thermal rebate program in Massachusetts.

The program begins by stating that one of the easiest ways to bring down the residential expenses of a house is to install a solar water heater. The solar energy thermal panels are relatively low cost in terms of their installation, especially when you consider the benefits of free endless hot water at little or no cost.

No electricity is now required to wash clothes and to take a warm and relaxing shower. The new thermal rebate program in Massachusetts promises to lower the cost of the renewable system to a larger extent. The solar rebate program is looked after by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and provides a bonus of about $1000 back on the 2-panel solar water heater. This is a huge reduction and also comes with the benefits of the healthy living for both ourselves and for our future generation.

The next in line is the California Solar Initiative that was started in the 2006 and aims to distribute the incentive of $3 billion by 2016. In order to make sure that the installation of the photovoltaic uses the current efficient technology designs and methods the California Solar Initiative has transitioned towards a performance based incentive. The levels of these incentives are reduced annually. The rebate offered currently is of the standard of $1.55 per watt and 41.90 per watt for the service takers.

The third in this category is the Boston new pilot program that encourages residential homeowners to invest in their own green energy and solar power station installations. Mayor Thomas M. Menino launched Renew Boston residential solar pilot program that offers the rebate to lower costs.

The program was possible due to the American recovery and reinvestment act energy efficiency and conservation block grant for small residential solar photovoltaic installation by providing matching rebates with the Massachusetts clean energy centers commonwealth solar program II.

The residential debates are expected to be the ranging from $1000 to $3000 in no less than three years. The participating people that are the local residents of Boston should invest in these energy efficiency improvements.

Source by J H Johnson