Love You More Written By Lisa Gardner

One of the best mystery stories I have read in some time-and, I read a lot of books! "Love You More" comes down to that very statement when a Massachusetts State Trooper, Tessa Leoni, has made that decision between her young daughter, her husband, and a long-time friend from the State Troopers, and must make that decision in a matter of moments. The story is told through her, Tessa Leoni, when her husband is found murdered in their home, their daughter, Sophie, gone with no signs as to where she was, and a strange crime scene full of blood. Boston Sergeant Detective DD Warren was on the job for this one thanks to a phone call from an ex-boyfriend, Massachusetts State Police Detective Bobby Dodge. When it was decided that the state police and the Boston police work together on this one, they started opening doors to all sorts of questions, possibilities, actions-good and bad, and former and present associates of the Leoni family. DD was in charge of the investigation.

DD had a boyfriend, Alex, who she was quite serious with and visa-versa but with this huge crime case they did not get to see each other much. This case put DD and Bobby in close contact. They were used to working together from past years and jelled together well. The theory and the evidence showed that Tessa had killed her husband and daughter and hid her daughter somewhere. She insured she did not kill her daughter. Tessa's husband was a merchant seaman and would ship out eight weeks at a time, then return home for several weeks until the next orders came. Sometimes Brian's temper would make him unload on anyone around him including Tessa. But love creates strange bedfellows as it did when Tessa agree to Brian's marriage proposal.

Tessa told the investigators that she had killed Brian and then left the scene to search for her daughter. Tessa was battered and bruised and had lost much blood but she was still alert enough to know what she was saying and what she had done but she would not give any information other than she had killed her husband. Even though DD was the main detective on the case she worked closely and well with other investigative officers from Boston and the state force. All they wanted was the truth-except for anyone that might have been involved in the murder and missing girl. They wanted anything but the truth.

DD and Bobby did not know how much to believe of what Tessa was saying or admitting to or how much of the evidence was in fact the truth or changed to make things appear as they were not. They tracked down all they could find from friends, present and former, neighbors, locations thought pertinent, and even to other law enforcement officers with past associations to Tessa. The story moves very well with great twists and turns, most of which you will not see coming. Lisa Gardner has a winner again in this book. I highly recommend it and I will not give nay of the plots away so you are surprised as you read through them.

Source by Cy Hilterman